About Us

Who We Are

Kennedy International Group of Schools Limited is an educational consultancy and tuition centers serving teachers, students, and parents from our Head Office, located in Nairobi City, Kenya

We have developed educational marketplace resources, where we support teaching professional developments. We collaborate with teachers parents, fellow educators to advance learning on an international scale.

We are ready to listen to you anytime. Our business hours are all hours. We also pride ourselves to be the only tuition centre connected to high speed internet 24/7. The students who may need individual attention which may be challenging in a classroom setup, students who need polishing in preparation for their examinations like IGCSE, AS/A-LEVELs, IB, KCSE, KCPE, SATS, CHECKPOINT or COMMON ENTRANCE , SAT, TOEFL, GMAT, and all Key Stages are all our target. There are also those students you may not admit due to age factor or indiscipline due to their stages of development please you may refer them to us. High performance of these students in their CATS is our main target.


1. Application form 2. Copy of Birth Certificate 3. Copy of Immunization Card ( both sides) 4. 2 color Passport photos 5. Copy of Medical Records indicating any allergies 6. 2 Sets of extra clothing, diapers & baby wipes (For children who are not potty trained yet. Older children to have 1 set.) 7. Children must be in full school uniform at the beginning of the school term 8. that they are going to turn from 3 years to 8 years.

Acceptance and placement is determined by the available spaces and the suitability of our school programmed for your child. We provide equal opportunity in education and recreational facilities for all our children without regard to race, colour, religion or nationality.

FEES: A structure for both tuition and transport can be obtained from the office or by Email : on request.

Our Management

Our Services will provide complete oversight for educational and operational management of your child. Our comprehensive management services including:

Why Choose Us

Kennedy International Group of Schools Limited is an excellence hub for all students. The following facilities are available in all our centers.

Best Center

Kennedy International Group of Schools Limited is an excellence hub for all levels. Kennedy International Group of Schools Limited is one of the best tuition centres in Nairobi, Kenya.

Internet Access

We provide Internet Access to students. We pride ourselves to be the only tuition centre connected to high speed internet.

Learning Atmosphere

One of the top priorities of our centre is to create a positive atmosphere for both students & teachers.

Student Performance

Student Performance is our main target. We monitor & supervise all studies in the centres.

Student's Tea

We provide 10 o’clock tea to our students to boost their levels of energy and concentration.

Teaching Quality

Teaching quality is one of the key pillars of the KIGOS's students-first approach to tuition.